Algorithm Addtion

This week for maths we have been crearting DLO explaining algorithm addition.

First we needed to finish bookwork using algorithm addtion.

Next we needed to create a DLO showing and explaining to someone how to use algorithm addtion.

Lastly I blogged.

I did enjoyed making it.

I did good at  doing it

I need to work on my focusing


today in ls1 we lerned to use our webcam and i used the rule of thirds picked a emoji to recrate it and i chose the rolling eyes  i chose this emoji  cause i like it and its funny  i need to work on working faster and i  i need to improve  not talking  ii enjoyed doing the work

Superhero Blaze

For the Summer Learning Journey 2023, we started with the Kickstart activity which was to create our own superhero using the AI site  My superhero’s name is Blaze and he has lots of special abilities.

Name : Blaze

Age : 13

Family : 2 brothers, 1 sister, mum, dad, aunty, uncle, cousin

Nemesis : Dr Mike

Strengths : Family

Weaknesses : Being crushed from a corrupted boulder.

Abilities : Super strength, super speed, elemental powers

Weapon : Fire sword

Nio pmi

Today for inqury we had to write about our market day i need to work on not being so loud.  I need to improve on not talking so much and  . I did well at working so fast

today for halloween ls1 did a halloween poster we are not aloud to do clip art we are only aloud to trace so i traced two and i did curve line to trace a scare crow and a bat i enjoy trace i did well at foucsing i need improve on stop talking

Math Can-Do’s

This week in Maths we have been learning how to work independently.  This means work silently, by yourself, without talking to others.  Our task this week was to complete as many Can-Do’s as possible.  The minimum amount we could do, was four.  I chose to do these four tasks :

fraciton and divson

today for maths we have been lerning about Fraction  and divson. Of whole numbers  we dived them into equal .   i enjoyed  lerning new things  and need to inpoved on stop talking . i did well at being in a group thats what i lernt for math.