fraciton and divson

today for maths we have been lerning about Fraction  and divson. Of whole numbers  we dived them into equal .   i enjoyed  lerning new things  and need to inpoved on stop talking . i did well at being in a group thats what i lernt for math.

Keywords for Solving Word Problems

In maths this week we have been learning how to unpack word problems using keywords with Miss Tele’a.  A keyword unlocks new information.  If we know the keywords in a word problem it will help us know which equation to write like addition or subtraction or multiplication or division.  Here is my DLO I made that shows the keywords.


Keywords are important words that unlock new information. For this we had to read the story Goldilocks and the the Bears. Then we had to find all of the keywords in the story and put them in a summary template.

I did well at finding keywords. I need to work on getting my work finished faster. I enjoyed working as a group.