Keywords are important words that unlock new information. For this we had to read the story Goldilocks and the the Bears. Then we had to find all of the keywords in the story and put them in a summary template.

I did well at finding keywords. I need to work on getting my work finished faster. I enjoyed working as a group.


toda i lernt to read bar graphs  and one of the math quetions was hard i answered with miss meclan and she helped me


In PB4L we did what is empathy.  Empathy is when you say something nice when someone might be feeling sad.  Miss Tele’a said to us put yourself in other people’s shoes.  That will help us to help other people when they are feeling upset.

Nio’s Space Scene

Today in Cybersmart we learnt how to use gradients to colour a planet.  We created a space picture of me, Sweet E and Miss Tele’a.  We used the shape tool to decorate the rocket ship, and the way we put the picture in is we took a picture using the camera tool.